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Midwest Worms News Blog

Red worms fetter vineyards

Red Worms Used for Regenerative Sustainability

Red worms doing double duty at Fetzer Vineyards Hard working red worms are part of California winery’s next chapter.
top soil global warming

Our Planet is Getting Skinned – We Are Losing Topsoil

Is global warming really the greatest environmental threat? What about losing our Topsoil? The lowdown on losing topsoil: It’s disappearing. Lo...
Nile earthworms vermicompost

Nile Vermicompost - Vermiculture project in Egypt

Nile Vermicompost Nile Vermicompost is a Vermiculture & Vermicomposting project in Egypt providing Red Wigglers and high quality vermicompos...
vermiculture image 1

Vermiculture Defined – The Raising of Earthworms

Vermiculture Defined Vermiculture is a mesophilic bio-oxidative process in which detritivorous earthworms interact intensively with microorganis...
how to store vermicompost image

Keeping Vermicompost good – How to Store it

“How Do I Store Vermicompost” “Can I Store VC in a sealed plastic bag”It’s best to treat VC like a worm farm – they need to be kept moist an...
worm compost human waste

Can Worm Composting Human Waste Eliminate the Pathogens?

Is Worm Composting human waste a viable method for eliminating pathogens? A field experiment tested the feasibility of vermicomposting as a meth...
vermicomposting worm compost

Advantages of Vermicomposting over Thermophilic Composting

What are the advantages of Vermicomposting?  As an aerobic process, both composting and Vermicomposting lead to Nitrogen mineralization.  But the...
asp worm composting bin

ASP Composting Bin – Improved Thermophilic Composting

Thermophilic composting with boost.  This is a great way to get speed up composting without having to do the back-breaking work of turning your com...
outdoor worm bed - midwest worms

My Outdoor In-Ground Worm Bed

My Outdoor In-Ground Worm Bed will give me the ability to raise a much larger amount of worms and keep them alive through even the harshest of wint...
Simple worm farm bin

Super Simple Worm Farm Bin – Easy and Fun

Do you want to grow lots of worms at home? The Super Simple Worm Farm Bin is the answer.  My advice is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple). It’s a lot ...
farmer's market - midwest worms

Farmer’s Markets in South - Central Missouri

It’s farmer’s markets season in Missouri, and the good news is that there are plenty of them to choose from. We recently found something called th...
bennett spring - midwest farm

Bennett Spring State Park Trout Season Opening Day 2014

I recently came across this video about Bennett Spring State Park Trout Season and thought it was interesting. Bennett Spring (often called “Benne...