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Keeping Vermicompost good – How to Store it

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“How Do I Store Vermicompost”

“Can I Store VC in a sealed plastic bag”
It’s best to treat VC like a worm farm – they need to be kept moist and have air available.

Don’t seal it in a plastic bag – it needs air.

The best way I’ve found is to use plastic buckets or totes, with the lid cracked open to supply air. You can put a few sheets of newspaper on top, then dampen them, to help keep things moist. You can also place some “bait” like pumpkin or apple under the newspaper to attract newly hatched babies and any worms you may have missed in the harvest. If the VC dries out too much, many of the microbes may go dormant, although some may die. The VC is said to be able to be revived with additional of moisture, but “fresh is best” – in that it will have the most microbes.

From Brian Donaldson (The Worm Man)

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