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Vermiculture Defined – The Raising of Earthworms

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Vermiculture Defined

Vermiculture is a mesophilic bio-oxidative process in which detritivorous earthworms interact intensively with microorganisms and soil invertebrates within the decomposer community, strongly affecting decomposition processes, accelerating the stabilization of organic matter and greatly modifying its physical and biochemical properties (Edwards and Bohlem 1996; Dominguez 2004; Edwards eat all. 2004).

Vermiculture in a nutshell!

In laymen’s terms, it is the process of raising composting worms in a composting bin.  It is similar to Vermicomposting with a different focus.  It is worm composting, with the primary focus on creating an environment that optimizes the reproduction of additional worms.  Often, this is only the focus when someone is raising worms for resale.  Some, however, will focus on reproduction when trying to increase their quantity of composting worms.

Worm Composting is easy, fun and very beneficial.  Check out our products and start today.


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