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Bennett Spring State Park Trout Season Opening Day 2014

I recently came across this video about Bennett Spring State Park Trout Season and thought it was interesting. Bennett Spring (often called “Bennett Springs”) State Park – a popular Missouri trout fishing spot – isn’t too far from us here in Eldridge.

I’ll be honest – this isn’t really MY kind of trout fishing. I have no idea how they avoid getting their lines tangled together constantly! But I still enjoyed watching the video.

The trout fishing in Bennett Spring park is pretty tightly regulated. There are 3 different fishing zones – with their own specific rules (eg. Zone 3 is the only one where you’d be able to use worms, in case you’re curous) – and specific hours during the day you are allowed to fish for trout. You can learn all the details on the Bennett Spring State Park trout fishing page.

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