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MW Premium Worm Food - Midwest Worms

MW Premium Worm Food

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Our own special blend of worm food, it is full of the nutrients they need and helps the worms grow faster and reproduce faster. It also results in very high-quality Worm Castings. 

A Serving = 1 day of food for 1 lb of composting worms.

Serving size = 1 teaspoon

1 lb = 90 servings

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NOTE: 1 lb orders of Worm Food can only be purchased with a worm order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kevin Adams
Done Good

I was very pleased with the service and knowledge that these people have. They responded to me quickly and answered all of my questions. I was completely satisfied with their service.

Good for fishing

Bought 2 lbs of European night crawlers for a family fishing trip and we caught lots of perch. I emailed MW Worms upon their arrival to get info to fatten them up and they responded the same day. The worms stayed on the hook for several fish unlike the Canadian crawlers we normally use.

Mike Richey
Europian nightcrawlers

The communication was great. The shipping was good and the worms arrived all well and healthy. I followed the advice about the worm bedding and they seem to love their new home.


They are eating it just fine

Jason Strange

Great product and customer service