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African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae) - Midwest Worms
African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae) - Midwest Worms
African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae) - Midwest Worms

African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae)

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African Nightcrawlers (scientific name: Eudrilus Eugeniae), are also known as ANC’s, or Africans. They are rapidly becoming the favorite composting worm of those who want to produce higher quantities of Worm Compost/Castings in less time. The African Nightcrawler can compost over twice the quantities of food scraps and/or manure than other composting worms. They breed very rapidly, and is the largest composting worm available, growing up to 7-8 inches in length.  They are also a good fishing worm.  In Australia, the African Nightcrawler is possibly their most loved and used fishing worm.  In fact, in Australia, fishing is one of the largest hobbies and pastimes of any country in the world.

Whether for composting or fishing the African Nightcrawler is quickly becoming the most sought-after worm in the World. African Nightcrawlers are a tropical worm and need to be kept in the 70’s (temperature).  When they are full grown there is approximately 300/lb.

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It is not possible to guarantee 100% pure worm species with any type of composting worm.  It is always possible for occasional roamers that leave there growing tray and get into another species tray.  There is always a chance of receiving a few “other” species in your order.  These “other” species are usually also great composters.  So far, to date, we have not received any complaints on this issue but it does happen in the worm industry occasionally even when taking many precautions.  While we raise both Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawler  worms here at our own farm, our African Nightcrawlers are raised  and are drop-shipped to you from another worm farm we have partnered with.

  When placing an order please read our shipping policy for details on when we ship and what to do if there are any problems with your worms upon arrival.

Customer Reviews

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Chad Walton
African night crawler

Worms arrived fast and alive
Not sure you can ask for more.

Perch Jerker Bd
As advertised

Ordered 2lbs. African night crawlers . Arrived exactly when stated. Worms appeared well and happy . Placed in worm bin moisten soil placed worm blanket and moisten it . Checked in about 3hrs and every worm had burrowed in . Not 1 dead worm,was amazed. Live in southwest FL. reason for getting African. Been about 3 weeks and all seems well . Easy company to work with and always a quick response with any questions. Using worms for bait have about $80 in whole set up . Will spend that much in a month at baitshops . Absolutely great experience..!


Arrived just as ordered and healthy

Kelly Hammel
3rd time for africans

The Africans arrived in good shape but many had escaped and were crawling out of the box when they arrived.

Jacoby Woodfin
Very happy.

I ordered the African night crawlers and they can very quick and very had extra in it. Very happy and will be glad to order here again in the future.