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African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae) - Midwest Worms
African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae) - Midwest Worms
African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae) - Midwest Worms

African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus Eugeniae)

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African Nightcrawlers (scientific name: Eudrilus Eugeniae), are also known as ANC’s, or Africans. They are rapidly becoming the favorite composting worm of those who want to produce higher quantities of Worm Compost/Castings in less time. The African Nightcrawler can compost over twice the quantities of food scraps and/or manure than other composting worms. They breed very rapidly, and is the largest composting worm available, growing up to 7-8 inches in length.  They are also a good fishing worm.  In Australia, the African Nightcrawler is possibly their most loved and used fishing worm.  In fact, in Australia, fishing is one of the largest hobbies and pastimes of any country in the world.

Whether for composting or fishing the African Nightcrawler is quickly becoming the most sought-after worm in the World.  When they are full grown there is approximately 300-350/lb.

All orders must be placed by Saturday at 1:00 pm to make Monday's Shipping, all orders that come in after 1:00pm Saturday will be shipped the following Monday(9 days later).

Automatic Discount is applied when buying multiple 5 lb orders. The more you buy, the more you save!

It is not possible to guarantee 100% pure worm species with any type of composting worm.  It is always possible for occasional roamers that leave there growing tray and get into another species tray.  There is always a chance of receiving a few “other” species in your order.  These “other” species are usually also great composters.  So far, to date, we have not received any complaints on this issue but it does happen in the worm industry occasionally even when taking many precautions.  While we raise both Red Wigglers, European Nightcrawler and African Nightcrawler worms here at our own farm, we will occasionally drop-ship worms to you from another worm farm we have partnered with.  
When placing an order please read our shipping policy for details on when we ship and what to do if there are any problems with your worms upon arrival.


Customer Reviews

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Gene Stuffel @ wormoligytecholigy.com

Hello Kyle,
Worms doing great. The containers I was using, (17 Gallon) was to small for 3 pounds and 2 large for 2 pounds. I found some perfick size ones on Amazon for $9.00 that is great for 2 pounds. I am building shelves and will fill them with 18 containers. Received the first 6 today. I will place an order Saturday.
Have a great and GOD BLESS
Gene. NEW Name (wormoligytecholigy .com)

Amazing customer service and worms!

The post office made a huge mistake and ended up killing about half of my worms. I was really upset. I sent an email to Midwest and thought that was the end of it. Turns out Kyle from Midwest was emailing me(silly spam box) but I didn’t know. Finally he called me to let m m e know I already had a new order otw! He walked me through how to ensure the worms stayed safe till I could pick them up and everything. The worms themselves have made short work of my compost. I previously had wrigglers from a different company and they just weren’t really working through everything so I decided to try the ANC and I am happy I did.

Heather Urich
Still Healthy and Strong

Our order arrived one day after they were supposed to (USPS issue, NOT Midwest Worms) and they were still vigorous and healthy! Our worms are doing well, and we have high hopes for these guys!

David W
Love my African Nightcrawler Worms!

They took right to my vermibag and seem to be thriving and happy! Was totally impressed with the speed at which they were shipped and way they were packaged. Also liked the fact that Midwest Worms had them held at the post office for pickup probably due to the extreme heat here in Arizona.

Rita Jacinto
Great product, great company

Worms were well packed in a crush proof box. Can’t stress the importance of this as I had received an order from another company that arrived crushed, soaking wet and stinking to high heaven. My post office was not amused. Midwest Worms was great to do business with.