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Why Compost Food Waste with Worms?

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Worms promote a natural process of decomposition. Decomposition is the breakdown of material into a simpler substance. Composting Worms will compost food waste, farm animal manures and even paper products like newspapers and cardboard.  The result is a nutrient-rich compost material simply and naturally.  1 pound of Red Wigglers can process ½ a pound of organic waste per day in ideal conditions.  Ideal conditions consist of proper moisture, temperature, and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. Why compost food waste?

Let’s say that your conditions are a little less than optimal and you have 1 pound of Red Wigglers.  They only process ¼ pound of organic waste per day.  You would process over 90 pounds of organic waste in one year if the worms did not breed and multiply.  If you continued to let the worms multiply, again in optimal conditions, they would grow to over 500 pounds of worms in 1 year.  Again, if the worms multiply ¼ of what they are capable of, you would still have over 125 pounds of Red Wigglers.  At the end of the year, your worms would be able to process over 30 pounds of organic waste per day, in less than optimal conditions.

Landfills and Water Treatment Facilities

This resource, organic material, is wasted when sent to our landfills. Therefore, another reason to compost food waste is to reduce the amount of waste that occupies space in landfills. Over 12% of our garbage is food waste. When organic waste is buried in landfills, it is deprived of oxygen and does not decompose.

Additionally, grinding food waste in garbage disposals takes our organic waste and adds it to our wastewater. The garbage disposal waste in wastewater also produces more sludge at treatment facilities. This requires increased treatment by wastewater facilities including additional chemicals, the use of more fuel, energy, and labor.  Since its easy to compost food waste, and it naturally becomes a quality soil amendment, let’s not waste this resource.

While recently excavating landfills,
archeologists have found
hot dogs and lettuce
dating back to the 1960’s that were
not decomposed.


Our mission at Midwest Worms is to help teach the world that there is a better way to manage our organic waste.  With a simple container, a pound of Red Wigglers or better yet with a special product called Compost Worm Mix, and a little knowledge you can decrease the waste going to the landfills.  And be producing an amazing soil amendment better than any man made fertilizer you can buy.  Composting with worms is easy to start, easy to maintain, and can be done indoors or outdoors without any bad odors, or mess.  You will be surprised to see how fun it is to watch all that waste turned into an amazing material that can help your plants grow and thrive.


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