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Keeping Fishing Worms Alive Longer

We recently found an interesting video on YouTube about keeping fishing worms alive until your next fishing trip. This is definitely a smart young man, and we were very impressed with this advice! If you are using regular soil bait worms, such as Canadian Nightcrawlers (“Dew Worms”) – what he suggests is a great idea.

But here’s another great option…use European Nightcrawlers instead!

Euros are not only the “perfect” bait worm because of their size and durability on the hook (even in really cold, and brackish water) – but also because they are incredibly easy to raise in captivity! Unlike Canadian Nightcrawlers, they will happily breed in a small indoor “worm bin” (see below for basic instructions on making one). No need to keep them in the fridge.

Or Grow Your Own

All you need to get started is a basic Rubbermaid tub. The size doesn’t really matter, but we DO recommend keeping the depth of the bin under 16″ if possible (deeper is OK when using a large bed, though). Check out our article on building a Super Simple Worm Farm Bin.

  1. Drill a lot of holes in the upper sides and lid
  2. Moisten strips of newsprint or shredded corrugated (or egg carton) cardboard, and add enough to basically fill the bin. If you have some really well-aged horse manure (should be earthy smelling) you can mix in a little of that as well.
  3. Add some fruit and vegetable scraps – avoid anything with a lot of oil or salt on it. Also best to avoid citrus when first starting out. Make sure the food is well covered with bedding.
  4. Leave the bin to sit for a week or so. Part way through the aging period, mix in even more moistened bedding materials.
  5. Add your European Nightcrawlers.
If you set up a few of these bins and you don’t harvest too many of the “breeder” worms (larger adults) at a time, you can easily end up with a continuous supply of healthy, vigorous bait worms!

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