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Kayak Fishing on Lake of the Ozarks

We recently came across an interesting video showing someone kayak fishing on Lake of the Ozarks! That’s definitely a different way to wet a line!

My first thought, if someone told me about this before seeing the video, would have been wondering about stability. When I think of kayaks I think of people rolling under water – not exactly what I would think of as a stable water craft.

If you watch the video, though, you will see that he has some nice stabilizer pontoons.

I guess my next question would be – what if he lunked into a huge catfish, or paddlefish (Lake of the Ozarks produced the state record for this fish – a whopping 111 lb fish)? I guess you might end up getting a scenic tour of the lake if that happened!

I actually found another video showing someone catching a 65 lb blue catfish from a kayak!



The May 7th fishing report from Missouri Department of Conservation for Bagnell Tailwater shows “fair” for catfish (“on worms, cut shad and chicken liver”). Everything else looks pretty “slow” for that area. Looking better for Niangua though (“good” fishing for catfish and crappie – “fair” for black bass and white bass).


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