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The Worm Inn Standard - Midwest Worms

The Worm Inn Standard

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When we keep a colony of worms, we replicate their moist, mulchy habitat in some kind of container – a worm bin – and feed them our garbage. This simple, natural and odorless technology is called vermicomposting. Attractive, clean and compact, the and offers innovative worm bin design. An ideal environment for vermicomposting is created with the use of Cordura 1000, a waterproof and breathable high-tech fabric that aerates even deep within the bed. The Worm Inn Mega is available in a variety of colors suitable for any decor, indoors or out. It’s convenient to feed, water, and drain the system with no heavy lifting. Best of all, the periodic removal of the finished vermicast –called harvesting – is accomplished in minutes.

"It is the most effective, most hassle-free home vermicomposting system on the market.”

The Worm Inn Brochure

The Worm Inn is 2 cu. ft.

Colors: Plum, Forest, Chocolate, Camo, Burgundy