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Vermi-Bag Mini - Midwest Worms
Vermi-Bag Mini - Midwest Worms
Vermi-Bag Mini - Midwest Worms

Vermi-Bag Mini

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VermiBag  Mini

Mini only in Name….as it’s Big Brother the “MAX” is so Big.

The VermiBag Mini is the perfect sized system for Teachers and Parents who want a powerful tool to show kids how the Vermicomposting process works. When fitted with the optionalVermi-Window, it provides a means to glimpse into the world of the worms and watch the Vermicomposting process.Simply concentrate your feeding right above the window and you will have a front row seat to watch the worms do their magic. It is amazing to watch a piece of squash or avocado, disappear in a matter of a couple days. The system is not overly large or intrusive, so it will fit well in a classroom or apartment environment.  The recommended PVC stand it is very stable, easy to build and can handle the tugging and pulling that might be expected from this type of area.

All VermiBags are flow thru systems, meaning you “feed the top and harvest the bottom”.  There is no need to empty the entire contents of the bag to harvest. You simply open the bottom of the bag and harvest the finished castings. The finished castings will contain very few worms, as they concentrate in the upper sections of the bag.

The VermiBag Mini comes with the 4 butterfly straps required to install it on the PVC stand.

The Bag dimensions are 16” wide, 16” Long, and 24” tall.