VermBin Series

VB24-3bThe VermBin24 is a DIY single-compartment flow-through vermicomposting bin. It is relatively easy and affordable to construct, and offers worm composting potential FAR beyond that offered by typical home “worm bins”.

Our good friend, Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie put together the VermBin Series Plans Package with the goal of helping more people to experience “professional vermicomposting at home”!

Here’s what you get for $17:

  • VB24 Building Guide – Easy-to-understand supply list, plans and instructions to help you get your VB24 bin up and running as quickly (and effectively) as possible
  • Neil’s VB24 Photo Journal – One VB Series customer was so excited about the building process that he decided to document it, and share it with the rest of the VermBin community!
  • VB48/VB96 Upgrade Guide – A VB24 system is great, but if you want to take things to the next level, you may want to try a VB48 or VB96 bin instead. This guide will show you how these designs differ from the original model.
  • VIP Support – Aside from participating in the VermBin community, you can easily get email support any time you need it as well!
  • DIY Tumbler Plans – This is an entire plans package that was originally sold on its own. It’s now yours absolutely free when you purchase the VB Series Package.

Bentley will also be adding a new report with information about his own VermBin48 building and use experience.

>> Learn More About The VB Series Plans Package HERE <<

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