Super Grow Worm Castings-Super Food for your Plants


Super Grow Worm Castings is the Super Food for your plants. It is better than any other type of compost or man-made fertilizer for your garden.



Super Grow Worm Castings

Super Grow Worm Castings is the Super Food for your plants.  It is a soil amendment, better than chemical fertilizers, farming animal manures or even standard thermophilic compost.  It can undo the damage done by chemical fertilizers.  Chemical fertilizers damage and destroy the natural fertility and health of the soil which used to be a living thing.  Vermicompost, also called Worm Compost, can restore that life and fertility better and faster than anything else.  Worm Compost has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with micronutrients, and beneficial soil microbes and have been proven to contain “plant growth hormones and enzymes”.  The NPK and micronutrients have more availability and better quality than any other compost and the natural growth hormones and enzymes function as a natural pesticide and herbicide.  It truly is an all natural, all organic “Super Food for Plants”.

What are Super Grow Worm Castings and why do they work so great?

Worm castings are basically worm manure. 

Super Grow Worm Castings:

  1.  Improve soil structure and make the soil more absorbent so that it will hold onto water longer and require less watering of the plants.  
  2. Provide a slow release form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and many other necessary nutrients and micronutrients so they will never burn your plants.
  3. Provide up to 30% more increase in plant yield from as little as 15-20% mix of Super Grow Worm Castings with your soil.
  4. Are all Natural and all Organic with no chemicals and no fillers.
  5. Work great on all plants.

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